Post 9/11

I was asked to write a piece on post 9/11. I wrote something lovely and upbeat and encouraging that I knew people would like to hear… then wrote my truth.  Although I think a great deal of good is happening, I have an inner sadness which says to me, “on the other hand”….

I think as a country we are trying to distract ourselves more with eating, shopping, spending, pornography and other addictions.  I was looking on the internet for information on California and the medical marijuana  laws.  There are a huge amount of  “medical marijuana clinics” and doctors listed.  I find it hard to believe that the number of people suffering from illness in need of medical marijuana can support that many clinics, all of which appear to be thriving. I notice how most people are complaining about less income but shopping malls and restaurants parking lots are full.   I notice with our humor (as I am a fan of stand-up), how much of it is not funny but audiences seem to be willing to laugh over anything and I think to myself, I wonder if we are simply so starved for joy and laughter that we have stopped discriminating.  I notice with our news and entertainment, we have become more reliant on constant streaming.  E-mail is no longer fast enough.  We have become worshipful of the very rich, the very entitled, the very angry, we are fans of the audacious mentally ill.  We are less tolerant.  As a society we have appeared to stop relying on the capability of the human brain and the human body which is a magnificent piece of work filled with infinite potential and possibilities.  All of which has to do with creating a false sense of power and control in a world that yearns only for harmony and balance and over which we have no control.

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