The First Commandment

Sitting at an interdepartmental gathering at the ballpark in Dallas, I was joined by a friendly nurse co-worker who inquired where I was from.  When I told her Pennsylvania she was delighted and said that her son and his family just moved here.  “What does he do?”, I inquired.  “He is an engineer”, she said and went on to tell me that he just got a job with a company that refracted shale.  “Oh,” I said, “We are trying to stop that here.”  She said that she knew that as they had stopped the refracting in Texas because so many people were getting sick from it and that is how her son had lost his job.  They were delighted that he now had a new job in Pennsylvania.  I could not help but comment that since he knew that it made people sick, didn’t it bother him to make a living that way?  She said “No, he has a wife and children to feed.”

When I debriefed people who were in Japan during the earthquake one of the things they were most impressed with was the ability of the Japanese people to be concerned about them as their country was undergoing a tragedy.  One woman said, “they think as one unit, they remain polite and respectful for the good of the whole.”

“The Lord, Thy God is ONE”.  If there is only one that means we are a part of it.  You cannot have one and something else.  We have a lot to learn.  What we do affects not only each other but our personal future.

Short range planning for long term cancers.  Somebody has got to care.  We have got to tap into that part of us, that cares.  Then we will stop wasting energy INSIDE OF US as well as outside of us.


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1 Response to The First Commandment

  1. Hello Ellyn
    Your blog really struck a note with me and have followed the fracking issue for a while now.
    Wouldn’t it be divine if people cared as much of themselves as they do the whole?
    Hope your ministry continues to thrive

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