The Blog Concerto….

Who is she to write a blog?  One of the joys of today’s living is that we have a better understanding that everyone is someone and has a voice… longing to be heard.  Life has become a beautiful cacophony of voices…sometimes leading…sometimes following…sometimes humble..sometimes self righteous..sometimes sure..sometimes faltering… angry, hurt, happy, scared, open, trusting, gleeful!   The best thing about all of our voices is that we all get to make our sounds.  Even those who make no noise are heard in their silence.  Those who have known silence or even been silent, know that silence can range from a peaceful hum to an angry roar..even silence has a voice.  Unlike being stuck in a choir as an alto or base or soprano, we as individuals can try out different parts, different instruments, different notes.  Whether we know it or not, we have the power, at any moment,  to reposition ourselves in the magical orchestra of our lives.

Because words themselves are concepts that we have given meaning to, I have found that they have a different value when contained in our heads rather than thrown out on a canvas where we can better see their nuances, their colors, their sounds and reshape them or simply delight in them and go home and cuddle up with them.

I am a psycho-spiritual counselor and interfaith minister.  I believe that all roads lead to the Oneness of God.  My thinking has been shaped by a myriad of spiritual paths and teachers including ACIM, Science of Mind, Rocco Errico and his Commentaries on the Aramaic Bible, Yogananda, Mother Meera, Cursillo…thanks also to Donald Daily, Tom Kiernan, Father Thomas Mitchell, Johanna O’Flaherty, my brother, Stephen Kravette, my mother Edna and lots of other folks who have been kind and generous to me over the years.

Aside from my ramblings, I will be glad to respond to any questions or comments you might have.

Rev. Ellyn Kravette
570 764-4706


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